New Life Wesleyan Church is located in Carbondale, KS about ten minutes south of Topeka, KS. Check out for more info.

New Life Wesleyan Church began in the early 1980s as a non-denominational Bible Study, meeting in the members’ homes. As it grew, it acquired the name New Life Fellowship and began to meet in a variety of rented locations around Carbondale. Eventually, they were led to pursue denominational ties and to seek a permanent location. New Life Fellowship affiliated with The Wesleyan Church in May of 1987.

Around the same time, some in the congregation felt an urging to pray for a notorious local bar, the Berry Creek Tavern, and its impact on the community. Unbeknownst to them, a progression of events would soon begin that would lead the owner of that bar to quit the business and sell out to whoever would take over the mortgage payments. Ownership of the tavern and adjacent property was transferred to the church in December of 1988.

After extensive renovation the former bar was occupied and, choosing to deliberately associate with the history of that location in order to dramatize the redemptive influence of Christ in all things, the church took the name Berry Creek Wesleyan Church. The property was reclaimed for God’s use, and the congregation likewise took on the same character. Many of those who called Berry Creek home, some who even used to frequent the tavern, were rescued from wrecked lives through the forgiveness and restoration of Jesus Christ!

In 2006, the local memory of the tavern having faded, the congregation voted to re-assume their original name, New Life. Today, there are still members in the church who were part of Berry Creek, and even the original Bible Study, but just as importantly there are new people who are finding redemption through faith in Jesus—they literally are finding “new life.” The number in attendance at New Life Wesleyan has waxed and waned over the years, but the Sprit of God has remained and is acting among us.