Earlier I had put up a post about the upcoming Kairos Torch weekend at KJCC and  I wanted to share a little how the weekend went.

Dustin and myself participated in the weekend. Dustin helped with what is called Agape. It’s really cool because people all over the world are praying for the young men that are there, and they send in posters they make, cards, etc. Also, there is a paper prayer chain that gets made where each link represents 20 minutes of prayer for the weekend that various people had committed to. The Agape team made a prayer chain with 584 links in it. Throughout the weekend these kind of visual reminders get brought out to where the young men are, and by the end the walls are filled. It really amazes them to see how much people on the “outs” are taking the time to pray for them. Also, the Agape team puts together a special bag for them that includes a really nice Bible, and letters that volunteers from the weekend have written them.

I had the privilege of leading the music for the weekend and it went really well. I had 10 songs that I took in with me, and they were able to learn those songs and really connect with them. They really liked “He Reigns” by the Newsboys, Hold Us Together by Matt Maher, and of course the theme song for the weekend which was “He Knows My Name” by Tommy Walker.

Another song that ended up being really cool was “You Never Let Go” by Matt Redman. On the first night, one of the other volunteers, Abe, had done a rap he wrote, and just led it without music up front, and it was the coolest. The chorus of the rap talked about walking through the valley of the shadow of death, and totally went with the “You Never Let Go” song. So the next morning, I went up to Abe and said, “Hey, I’ll have you come up on the mic, and after the pre-chorus, you go right into the chorus of your rap” We had no idea how it might fit, but amazingly it fit together perfectly. I even just played through the same chords and played rhythmically along with what he was rapping, and when I hit the last chord of the pre-chorus it flowed right into the chorus of “You Never Let Go”. I guess you had to be there, but it was really cool.

There were some things I learned about how worship and worship of God through music draws us together. I’ve seen this before at the weekends, but it was really evident this time to see the young men  and the volunteers really unite through the worship of God in singing together. You see the participants singing on Friday night and then by Sunday afternoon everyone is singing with arms around each other, swaying back and forth, just really relishing it. Without preaching a sermon about it, I think the young men really saw what being united in Christ meant. I think most of them didn’t want it to end, and I know a few that wanted Christ in their lives right there, and they met Him there.

The participants are into their first week of mentoring with the volunteers, so every Thursday night they get to meet with the people that they were with over the weekend, and it is going great so far. Please keep these young men in your prayers along with the volunteers that are so passionate about this ministry.