Logging Prayer Miles for the Kingdom

Apr. 12, 2011

Christ-followers as far away as India are answering the call to join the Million Mile Prayer Walk challenge. As a rally cry for earnest discipleship, The Wesleyan Church invites you to join thousands of us in a Million Mile Prayer Walk (MMPW), with each “mile” representing someone spending 20 minutes in intercessory prayer for spiritual awakening and transformation. Launched before the Lenten season, churches and individuals have been posting prayer miles on the Prayer Wall where participants can check their progress and find prayer resources.

Pastor Akashdeep of Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, India, comes from a family of Hindu priests. He came  to know Jesus in 2005 and now pastors a home church. Searching the web for information on prayer groups, he found the MMPW site. Akashdeep says in an email, “I do not know anything about you. But I know one thing is that you also have burden for prayer. And that tells me that your and my blood type is same—that’s ‘J’ meaning Jesus.” His small group meets every Monday and has logged 640 prayer miles.

Marcia Stafford, prayer director for Greenville Community Church (a Wesleyan church in Greenville, Michigan), reports 4,681 miles for her congregation. Exuding a passionate spirit, she says the MMPW was an answer to prayer. Her prayer group had been praying for more people to pray. Marcia adds, “When you do something for 40 days, it becomes a habit, so people will pray more just by doing the Prayer Walk.”

Many established church prayer groups decided to partner with the MMPW because, as Joan Crooks of Oakway Wesleyan Church in Westminster, South Carolina, says, “It is such a great opportunity to join other Wesleyans to cry out to God for the lost to come to know and love Him.” Calene Pence of Fall Creek Wesleyan Church in Fishers, Indiana, belongs to a church prayer group that “sits” rather than walks. They firmly believe that this weekly prayer time is the most powerful activity they can do for their church. Pastor Doug Dennis of Neighbors Grove Wesleyan Church in Asheboro, North Carolina, says the MMPW “has been effective as an expression of our renewed emphasis on prayer and renewal.”

How can you participate? Just pray. Then, report the “prayer miles” on the MMPW pedometer. Don’t forget to update your miles regularly. Visit the Million Mile Prayer Walk Prayer Wall for answers to all your questions. As one prayer walker put it, “We can participate with what God is doing through prayer. It is a participation sport!”