A few weeks ago, Pastor Larry gave a sermon about how Peter went up on the roof and had a vision about eating what God had declared clean. Next thing he knows a believer, that also happens to be a Gentile shows up, and Peter realizes that Jesus is for everybody and not just for Jews.

The circumstances leading up to all of that is a good example of a divine appointment. Two different parties had to be faithful to what God was telling them, for the whole thing to work out.

You have probably heard the phrase Divine Appointment before, but that sermon really hit home that I don’t go around looking for those opportunities enough. How many opportunities has God put right in my path that I was just to dull, or too busy to notice? Probably way more than I would like to admit I”m sure.

I really want to be more in tune with God as I go about my everyday life so that I can act when he is calling me to do something.  Has God been giving you some Divine Appointments lately?