I work a very public job where it can feel at times like you are in a fishbowl. It’s not a terribly bad thing, but as the Health and Wellness Director for a large YMCA, I know that people are listening to my conversations with other members, staff, etc, and it is something that I need to be aware of as I lead others at work.

Worship leading is an up front thing as well. Just last week, I really noticed something that some people were doing as I was leading worship.  They were watching me! And our screen for words is off to the right, so most people are looking at that.  Now I could totally Jesus Juke at this point and say something about how we need to become smaller, which is totally true, but the reality in our services is that not everyone is going to have eyes closed, with hands raised, lost in worship. I have noticed that younger people, teenagers, kids, will often times be looking right at the worship leader.

This made me think about what I was doing as I was leading worship.  Was I outwardly showing what was going on in my heart? For better or worse? If we didn’t hit that transition well, was that coming through in a look of frustration, or was I prepared enough to be able to just worship the Lord and have that love for Jesus come through in a visual way.

Have you ever seen someone for the first time, watched them for a little bit, and just knew they loved Jesus? Wow, that is what I want to come through as we lead worship!