I can remember one time a number of years ago someone telling me at church that computers were of the devil.” Wow”, I thought,  no wiggle room there. Of course, we had switched over from the transparencies on the projector to powerpoint on the laptop, and were probably having issues that day. But I think he was being serious more or less. Basically saying that because of all the bad things that are on the internet or how some people think that the mark of the beast will be in a microchip, etc. then it was best to stay away from anything that had to do with computers.

So what’s a wise worship leader to do? Go with the Amish themed worship set or an experience that rivals the best Pink Floyd show?

The following from techsteward.net gives us some good principles to go by in regards to technology. And I think it can apply to a lot of things that are of this world and are not inherently sinful (God made it and then we screwed it up) but can be redeemed by the grace of God. The four principles go by pretty fast, so don’t miss them. Here they are:

“He begins with four biblical principles. First, God created technology. He made the physical elements like silicon that we use to make digital devices. He made the forces of electricity and magnetism that allow technology to work. And he made human minds and gave them the creativity to build computers, cell phones and iPads.

Second, because God created technology, it is not inherently sinful; instead (principle three) it has many good uses—including bringing BreakPoint to you every day. Finally and tragically, Murray notes,technology has been abused because we are sinners.”