Yesterday we had the second of our prayer and worship nights. It was another powerful time of music, prayer, and meeting with the Lord. Last night’s time was really special in that we were praying over and commissioning Randy for his medical mission trip to Haiti, which he will be going on in a few days. Several of those in attendance gathered around Randy, and laid hands on him, and offered up prayers for strength, wisdom, protection, and trust in the Lord. Then Pastor Larry anoited his head, heart, and mouth with oil and prayed over him. It was really cool!

We also had several different people lead us last night which was really neat  too. I led some, Jack and Cody had some time leading worship, and Sandra and Paula led in some songs too. It was good to be able to put my guitar down for a time and go pray, and I actually went back and was able to write some prayers/lyrics in my journal during that time.

Another cool thing about the prayer and worship nights is it gives us a little space to seek God and then do what we feel like the Spirit is leading us to do. I know some last night felt led to pray for others that were there, and it seemed to just really open up people’s hearts to God and each other and I hope that people were blessed.