Putting sermons online.

I think this is one of the greatest things about the internet age.  With all that is bad about the internet, there is also loads of potential when you view it as a mission field and a communication tool.  I love to listen to sermons on my ipod when I am working out so when I came to New Life I wanted to be able to find a way to start recording sermons and getting them on the website, for people to be able to download and listen to.  Space to save sermons on a website can be hard to come by, but I found a site at http://www.sermoncloud.com that lets you save up to 52 sermons (a years worth) on their site for free, and then you can simply link those sermons to your site. It also creates an RSS feed for people to subscribe to, and did I mention it’s free?

But first you need to find a way to record your sermons. Here is what we do.  Run a line out from the sound board to the 1/4 inch microphone jack on your laptop. (The light green is a line out and for headphones, the orange or pinkish one is the line in recording jack). Download a free recording software called audacity.  Download an application for audacity called a lame converter (weird name huh?) which will convert the recorded file into an mp3 file, and then you can load that mp3 sermon file that you just recorded onto the sermoncloud website. Create a direct link from your church’s website to where your sermon is being hosted on sermoncloud and people from your church can then listen to sermons that they missed or download them to share.

Another neat feature about sermoncloud is there are a lot of people searching for sermons on there and you will be surprised at how many downloads your sermons get from other people out there in internet land. Probably only about 20% of our church’s sermon downloads are from people that go to our church.

Good stuff! Next time we will look at a free service planning application that I use that may or may not be as good as planningcenteronline.com but will do the job nonetheless.