I’d like to start a series of posts about audio/visual/website stuff that I use as a worship leader that help me a lot and most importantly are free or really low cost.  Since I lead worship at a small church, we don’t really have the budget to have a lot of the worship leader tools that larger churches use,  and some of it is not that we couldn’t go ahead and purchase them or that we won’t purchase them in the future, but that at this point if there is an application that happens to be free and does the same thing, why not save some resources and use the free version!

Today’s featured product is dropbox.com.  This one I’ve only been using for a few weeks, but it is proving pretty handy. With dropbox you get 2 GB of space free of charge upon registering. You can install the application on any computer that you want and it will add an extra folder to your menu called dropbox. Anything you put  in can then be brought up from any computer you are at that has internet. You can also put the application on other computers that you have (like laptops) and it will sync the files for you. The big advantage is that it will automatically update new files that you put in so you don’t have to mess with transferring new stuff into your dropbox folder.

As a worship leader here is how I use it:

1) All of my chord charts, powerpoint slides, etc. are saved in dropbox. Now no matter where I am at, I can work on church stuff.  (Wait, Is that a good thing?, Of course it is!)

2) I don’t need to back up all those things to a flash drive every few months because dropbox does it for me.  I’ve had a few close calls with computers suddenly dying on me and then having to get the hard drive put on DVD by a computer place to get all my song charts back, etc. Not fun. (You would think I would learn my lesson from that)

So dropbox is pretty cool. If you think you want it,  do me a favor and get it by clicking this link:


That way I get 250 MB of extra space for everyone that signs up from that link.  Heck of a deal!

You can read a more detailed review of dropbox here.


Next up: Recording sermons and web-hosting up to a year of them for free!