We are looking to have another Prayer and Worship service at New Life Wesleyan Church on Saturday March 26th, 2011. This one will start at 6:00 pm again but will go a little longer with an ending time of 8:00 pm.

The last one we had on Feb. 5th was our first attempt at the harp and bowl model of prayer and worship and it was a powerful evening.  The sanctuary of the church took on a little different look with dimmed lights and lots of candles. On the screen were some different low distraction videos that looped, (candle flickering, names of God fading in and out across the screen, etc.), and we just took our time with the songs and Pastor Larry led us in prayer as the night unfolded.

For the service in March we will be doing something similar but with a little different format and direction. I think the first hour will be a “worship through the word” time where various Scripture passages are read, and songs are sung, that will allow the Holy Spirit to move us in the direction we need to go. Then the second hour will begin with a focused time of intercession for Randy Hewitt who will be leaving the following week to work on a medical missions team in Haiti.

Also, we plan on having some different worship and prayer leaders this time around. I will lead some songs, Jack and Cody will lead some, and Paula will pick out some to play as well.

So something a little different, but should be a great time of drawing near to God and worshiping Him in a powerful way.