Originally posted by Daniel Lyle from Worship the Rock:


Music is useful, but not necessary. Music is good. But Jesus is better. Music is a gift, but not a god.
Music isn’t my life. Christ is.”

-Bob Kauflin

Considering the true focus of worship has helped put things into perspective and has caused me to ask some questions…

If I could never sing again would I still worship? If I could never play any form of music again would I still worship?

While I was considering these two questions the words of the old hymn, Jesus Paid It All, came to mind…

“I hear the Savor say Thy strength indeed is small Child of weakness watch and pray
Find in Me thine all in all”

I am weak but Jesus is my All in All!

So what do we then need to worship God? Do we need our perfectly tuned voices? For the answer consider this scene of worship from the life of Job.

After losing everything…

Job arose and tore his robe and shaved his head, and he fell to the ground and worshiped. He said, “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, And naked I shall return there. The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away. Blessed be the name of the LORD.” -Job :20-22

The only thing that Job needed to worship was a proper perspective of God and a dusty corner of earth to fall face down on.

I have come to the conclusion that my worship is not contingent upon the value of my offering. My worship is only contingent upon Jesus’ inherent Godly qualities. If Jesus is my All in All then Jesus is all I need to worship!