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Just read a fascinating article from a blogger from  It has a lot of stuff that I totally agree with and have been noticing over the past few years. If you have a few minutes you should read it here.

If not, I like his closing thoughts:


So, if you ask me, turn up the lights, and turn down the sound – pick songs and hymns that proclaim God’s truth and reveal the character of Jesus Christ. Use resources that let the people excel in their corporate expression of praise and not just fit the style and strengths of your artistry. And don’t waste energy trying to embrace a demographic of people when all you really need to do is embrace Jesus. The styles and trends of the culture where you live will take care of themselves if you will do that one thing.

And serve your people – love them, let them lead you, and you will slowly earn the right to lead them. Pray about everything and ask God to change hearts, starting with yours. Jesus modeled it perfectly – he started where people were and showed great patience as He served them and put their needs above His own.



I’ve reviewed Bob Kauflin’s book before,  and here are some more wise thoughts about the use of creativity in our worship services.

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