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O.k., O.k. I know I said I would be posting some wrap-ups of the worship conference, so here goes.

First off, I was really impressed with this conference. You could tell that it was put on by people that really wanted to equip worship leaders with good stuff, for a good price.  The 3 day conference was only $99 and that included 2 three hour concerts in the evenings and several sessions of worship by different bands.  A few days before the conference I got an email saying that if there was anyone on our worship teams that wanted to go but couldn’t afford it they would wave the fee for them. I wrote back, and the next day, got an email that said I had an extra reservation for another member of our team. Very cool. I would like to be able to take everyone to the Worship Leader magazine conference in the summer, but at $350 a person it’s just too expensive. I felt really blessed to be able to have this one so close (KC) and for such a good price.

The first thing that we went to was a New Song Cafe live session with Jimi Williams, Leeland Mooring, Jack Mooring, and Matt Maher. Pretty sweet lineup. If you have ever seen New Song Cafe on you know that they feature a new song by a worship artist and then they play the main parts of the song and then talk about the chords that they use, etc. It’s a great way to see a song stripped down to it’s basic elements. It’s funny how different it can be with just the singer and an acoustic guitar and not all the other production that is usually on the CD. I like hearing the song this way because it is usually a little closer to how it will sound with our band at church.


At one of the classes I was in last week in Frankfort, Indiana, the teacher put up a picture like this and asked us whether it was a rabbit or a duck. My first thought was duck, but I could see the rabbit too.  Through the class on the doctrine of holiness we had to refer a lot to this picture, because sometimes in issues of theology when you look at something from one side it really looks like a duck, but then when you check it out from another angle, it sure does start to look like a rabbit.

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