This Sunday we are singing some great songs. It will be a time of lifting the name of Jesus high, giving him glory and praise. We will be singing He Reigns, (just saw Michael Tait of the Newsboys perform that song Sunday night), Glory to God Forever, and we will end the set with the simple and profound Let My Words Be Few taken from Ecclesiastes 5:1-7. But one song in the set will stand out, I think. It is a song called I Will Rise and is one that was introduced last week as a special during offering and the congregation will get a chance to sing it this week, learning it over the next few weeks as we get closer to Easter.

Check out the story behind the song below:

I Will Rise

“Toward the end of the ‘How Great is our God Tour,’ Louie [Giglio] challenged me to write a song of worship for people in their hardest time of grief. We were talking about the reality that we need more songs like the hymn “It is Well” that can be sung as worship and hope at a funeral; to be able to find words to say and sing in that moment of sorrow when you lose someone you love. A few days later, Louie sent me an email with a few thoughts about the song, and the one line that struck me the most was…the grave is overwhelmed. I took that idea and ran. This song speaks the truth that we have a Savior and a God that has defeated death, and we have victory over it as well in Him… He has made us alive, and even

though all of us one day will say good-bye to our earthly bodies, we will rise when He calls our name. I love the passage in Revelation 4 and 5 where you see the angels and all the creatures gathered ’round the throne of God in celebration, singing

in a loud voice, “Worthy is the Lamb.” That’s what I am pointing to in this song–that we will join those angels, and we will  stand before the throne of our God and our risen Savior alive forever! Amen!” Chris Tomlin