New Life Wesleyan Church is going to be having an Ash Wednesday service this year. I found this little blurb about Ash Wednesday and thought I would share it with you:

Ash Wednesday, is the first day of Lent, the 40 days that

precedes Holy Week and Easter.  In the Christian Scriptures the

number 40 relates to the period spent in the Ark by Noah, the

period spent by Israel seeking the Promised Land after the

Exodus, and the amount of time Jesus was in the Wilderness after

his baptism and prior to beginning his ministry.  For us, the

Season of Lent is an invitation to 40 days of renewal (“Lent”

means “spring”),  40 days to prepare ourselves to take in the

Good News of Easter through deeper  disciplines of prayer,

fasting, and almsgiving.   Ashes are the traditional sign of

sorrow and repentance and are also a sign of “mortality”.

Receiving the sacrament tonight reminds us that God’s love is

triumphant over sin and death, and that God remains “in

communion” with us, that in Christ, our mortality is overcome.