Growing up it seemed like my family was always the last to get stuff. We didn’t get a VCR until like 1988.  We held out on the cordless phones until they became cheaper than the regular kind. I don’t think it was because we couldn’t afford it, but we just wanted to see if this kind of stuff was going to take off.

I think I have learned the “wait and see” thing well, as I”m not one to rush into things, so I think after a little waiting and a little research I’m ready to take the plunge and do what I know I should do, even if I”m probably on the downhill swing of things.

That’s right, tonight I am going to text HAITI to 90999. You see, I haven’t really gotten the texting bug yet, so that’s kind of new to me, and it seems pretty amazing that a simple thing like that gets 10 dollars to help out the people in Haiti, but over $10 million dollars has been raised so far this way and I’m ready. Here goes…

Hey, that was easy. I selected new message, typed in Haiti, hit continue, and sent it to the number 90999. In a few seconds I got a message back for me to type in YES to confirm the 10$ on my next phone bill to go to the Red Cross. Very cool.

If you haven’t already, give it a try. Or donate online here.