Mars Hill Church has got it goin’ on. I love their website at http://www.marshillchurch.orgbecause they give all their content away for free and there is lots of good stuff to choose from. Everything from sermons, to songs, to study notes and videos is there to keep you interested and coming back. One of the books that their pastor (Mark Driscoll) highly recommends is John Glynn’s Commentary and Reference Survey. This book gives you information about the hundreds of commentaries and bible reference materials so that you can be informed about what you are getting before you start to build your theological library. So two things I like are 1) free stuff, and 2) consolidated information.

To that end, there are a few websites for worship leaders that I have found that give away free original songs, along with chord charts, mp3 files, and lead sheets, and sometimes full sheet music. One of them is and the other is

Resound worship is out of the UK and has some really great songs, especially if you are looking for something a little different, but still accessible. If you are like me, a worship set can easily end up having 2 or 3 Chris Tomlin songs, which isn’t a bad thing because he keeps writing great songs for the church, but sometimes it is nice to play something different. These songs from just have a little different feel to them than what we normally sing. Maybe it’s just a UK thing.

The other website for free songs is called This site is very well constructed and it is really simple to navigate through. There are some contributions from Michael Gungor, which are excellent.

Finally, a great website for worship leaders is  This is one that you will keep coming back to because it simply puts a ton of worship leading resources with links all on one page. Everything from podcasts, blogs, articles, mp3’s, graphics, and more. Good stuff.

Mars Hill church and John Glynn would be proud.